Feature Request: Variable Fillet Curve, similar to FilletEdge command

Hello All-

I’ve looked for this feature and haven’t found a current workaround. I’m looking for a variable fillet ability in the fillet curve command that is similar to FilletEdge.


Variable in what way?
Fillet edge is variable along the edge, fillet curve does not have an edge where the radius could vary…
Or do you mean the “rolling ball”/“distance from edge”/“distance between rail” option?

Hi Norbert-

Variable in that you can see in realtime what the fillet would look like compared to surrounding geometry. If I can shift the radius of the fillet with the drag UI that the filletedge command has, I don’t need to undo it and redo with a different radius once you see it in context.

It would just allow for quick adjustments rather than putting in a value for the fillet radius then checking the result.

Ah, okay.
That is indeed desirable.

Hello- you can try this - it is limited - the curves must be separate for example, but it might help. @Gijs did some more work on this idea and has a quite a bit better version, I think.
FilletCurves.rhp (21.5 KB)


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Thank you Pascal! This is definitely a useful tool. I’ll play around with it a bit and report back