How to compare two nurbs surfaces

I recreated a surface and wish to compare how they compare with each other. Is there any tool in Rhino (or outside) to that purpuse?

The file with example is here:

Thanks a lot!


Hi Ricardo- one way would be to mesh one of the surfaces and use PointDeviation between the mesh and the other surface. I guess I’d not make the mesh too dense for this.


Hi Ricardo,

yes, your second surface is much better. If your question is how much the better surface deviates from the original one: it’s about 0.03mm. The VSR Shape Modeling plug-in offers a lot of analysis to compare or analyze surfaces:

Let me know if you are interested in more information.


Hi Ricardo,

I have a MeshMesh deviation tool to create a colored pointcloud indicating the deviation of 2 meshes.
You could use that by first meshing the surfaces and than checking the meshes.
It’s not very complicated to do this directly with the surfaces, yet I needed it for meshes, I have no time to re-write it now unfortunately.

You might want to adjust the display of a pointcloud like so:


Thanks to all. I have used PointDeviation by extracting the analysismesh and putting it over the other surface and it seems to work fine.

I have also downloaded VSR tools to try it out but i think some of the surfaces I am working on are very poorly defined so I am correcting them beforehand.

Hi, Willem. Can you share the rvb file. Thanks!


From my archive:
MeshMeshDeviation_03_wd.rvb (7.3 KB)


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Thank you! Willem.