Suppress gallery band

Can we have an option to suppress the new gallery band at the top of the topic listing? It takes up an enormous amount of space when viewing the forum on a tablet or phone.


+1 Please

Agree, +1

There is no option to suppress it at the moment. It’s possible to disable, but the goal is to highlight some awesome work.

Would it be more acceptable if it were vertical along the side of the topic list?

Are you on a mobile device? (The reason I ask is because it ought to be disabled on mobile; it is for me).


Yes. An iPad. I didn’t check on my phone. And now the band has propagated to my workstation (it wasn’t there before). :exploding_head:


Ah, thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t think to check my iPad. Yes, I would expect it to appear there, as well as on your desktop browser. (It should not appear on phones unless we explicitly enable it).

Well, I would like not to see it at all. If I want to browse the gallery, I will browse the gallery. I don’t want it forced on me, and I don’t want my screen space wasted.


Yes, I understood that from your initial post… I was just chiming in so that you didn’t go hunting for a way in the interface (it’s not possible yet). Actually, it’s possible to disable.

Personally, I disagree, but that’s fine. I’d like to leave it alone for about a week and see how others feel about it. If there is a huge groundswell of people saying that it’s wasted space - leaving the page devoid of any graphical content aside from text and avatars - we can remove it (or see if per-user suppression is feasible).

That would be ideal.


Hi Dan,
I don’t think it’s appropriate. Reason being most of those images are from McNeel employees, some are not great images (there are better images done by users) and nobody asked for it and there is a gallery already.

McNeel should please stop force feeding us things we have not requested and at least be responsive to requests instead of offering new items that are not asked for. It smells like a marketing scheme especially when the images come direct from McNeel.

I’m for getting rid of it as it takes space and is a waste of McNeel time and we have a gallery already. This forum is for Rhino discussion Why doesn’t McNeel spend more time filling requests and orienting Rhino towards what we want and what we asketh for?

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Hi Dan,
I like it. As long as you keep the projects varied and really high quality I think it is a great addition to the forum. I see it across the top of the screen for a moment when I open discourse, and if I want to ignore it I just scroll down as usual. But for me a quick look at some cool projects other Rhino users have contributed is a nice transition into the 3d CAD world from the dreary news about Covid19.
So far it has not shown up on my iPhone. I think that might be less desirable but not sure it really matters a lot.
Vertical makes no sense, just a horizontal band across the top is fine.


Really, I didn’t think they were.

I like it, please keep.


Hey Mitch-

Actually, correction, disabling this per-user is possible! I disabled the Featured Gallery topics in Discourse’s “compact” interface preferences.

This preference is found in your user profile under Preferences > Interface<yourname>/preferences/interface

Choose a “Compact” theme (dark or light) and click “Save Changes” and it will no longer appear.

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We’ll do our best to keep a diverse group of projects represented in those featured images.

I guess I’m confused what this is.

We didn’t type a line of code, but leaned on the good folks at Discourse for this.


Please do! The Gallery Band is a welcome addition to the forum IMHO. This has the potential to encourage users to post their work and for us to learn from each other.

The one comment I have–and this would be about the gallery section in general–would be to encourage users to share their process, method, and tools used when sharing work as a learning tool.

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I like the band. I see it on the desktop browser, which I like. I don’t see it on the phone (Chrome on iPhone) which makes sense too.


Hi Dan. Please just provide a button to turn off the “band” or a toggle.

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This makes too much sense for McNeel. I find it an unnecessary distraction. It will probably become an annoyance as time goes on. If I have the ability to turn it off, I certainly have no problem with those who want it on.

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OK, thanks Dan, I already have the Compact theme enabled - I’m one of the reasons it exists - so now the band has disappeared, great, thanks!

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