More Gallery Improvements: Portfolios and Featured topics

Continuing the discussion from Gallery Improvements:

Following some feedback we received on the new, more visual gallery, @david24 and the good folks at Discourse have added a feature and made some refinements. First, the new feature:


Topics posted in the Gallery category now appear in your user Portfolio. I’m going to single-out @theoutside here:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 10.30.48 AM

A link to your portfolio appears on your user card. Here’s @BrianJ 's card:

If you want to add to your Portfolio, add a topic with your image to the Gallery category. It’s that simple.

Now, the refinements…

Featured Gallery Widget

Based on this feedback, the content of the Featured Gallery Topics widget:

is now a random selection of the “top” topics from the past year. Top topics are those with the most likes and replies.

And yes, we are still working to allow for suppression of the widget itself. More on that later. And it’s now possible to hide the Featured Topics widget.