Gallery banner clean up please

Hi guys, I think the gallery banner is mostly a cool addition to the news group, but could you add a way to suppress irrelevant posts? and promote the better ones? I don’t think Rhino benefits from showing uncritically everything in the banner:


Now you made the icon creator disappointed… :wink:

// Rolf

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Check this out

But this will close full band.


I’d also like the gallery to NOT devolve into a meme feed.

The gallery banner is not showing everything:

Good point and I agree. This will probably require some sort of personal moderation, otherwise one user can post 1000 memes and take over the entire band.

I agree with the points raised above so far. It would be nice to keep the automatic random selections of top posts in the gallery, but allow for some manual curation. We’ll give this some thought and see what we can do.