Sun + Sky model in Rhino

Is there a way to use a Sun + Sky model in Rhino, similar to V-Ray?

Currently it is possible to use the sun, which also changes her color/hue. However I could not find a way to also visualize the corresponding sky visible as an HDRI environment…

This question applies to Cycles as well as proRender.


Create a new basic environment. Then set a physical sky as the sky texture. Don’t forget to set the physical sky texture to use document sun.


That way when you change the sun location the texture will update.

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@nathanletwory, hmm I could not manage to find these settings here…

You should click on Background image, and set the Physical Sky Texture there. What you try to do in your screenshots is change the environment type - that doesn’t work, as you’ve noticed.

When I click on assign texture for the background image, it only asks me for a file path. Is there a default location of the physical sky texture?

In the file dialog click on the More Types button.

From there select Physical Sky Texture

thanks that worked, although that button is a bit hard to notice…

this is what I got with Cycles:

and this is what I get with proRender with the same settings:

Interesting, that they differ so strongly… Only when adjusting the sun intensity to 3, you get a similar result:

Two questions:

  1. Is there a bug with proRender, that it looks so dark?
  2. In both engines, one cannot change the skylight intensity - it is always at 0 / changing the value has no effect on the rendering. Why is this the case?

I’ll leave that up to @Joshua_Kennedy to answer.

On Windows that setting is grayed out to tell you it cannot be changed


Not sure why it can’t be changed though.

I can’t say off the top of my head what the difference is between Cycles and ProRender. I will log a bug and take a closer look when I get a chance.