How to render sunset in Rhino 7 render engine?

Scene below use vray 5:
Need advice to create this kind of sunset with Rhino 7 render engine.


You are using an incorrect environment for skylight. The solid white color is overpowering the sun.

Instead, create an environment that has as its texture the Physical Sky Texture, which is set to Use document sun. Set this environment to be the global environment (meaning it is used for 360° environment, and there are no custom/different environments for reflection and skylight). Enable sun. Tweak sun.

Switch to Raytraced.

Hi @nathanletwory
I try

Did I do something wrong? There’re no Physical Sky Texture

  1. Add Basic Environment
  2. Click (click to assign texture)
  3. Click Choose from more texture types... in the open dialog
  4. Select Physical Sky Texture

Set this new environment as Global Environment.

Just adding a texture in the textures panel is not enough. That texture needs to be assigned to your new environment. The above steps show you how to do that.

Thank @nathanletwory
Following your instruction, I did it.
However it’s not good enough for sunset feeling.

Blender 2.92 can make better feeling of sunset.

By the way, I have a question. Are there GI setting in Rhino 7?


The Rhino sky texture implementation is different from that of Blender. I’ll have to refer to @andy to find out what model the Rhino implementation is actually based on.

In Rhino talk this is called the sky light.

Just for fun…

Sunset-sample.3dm (397.6 KB)

If you use the default Studio environment for the Skylight and then make it like .1% intensity you can get more GI the shadow areas.

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Thank your feedback Brian.
I think we lack document of rendering and creating material for Rhino 7.
Explain detail of all setting. It’s important if we want to get more user.
Hope Rhino Team plan to publish in near future.