Sun different when rendering than in render view in legacy render

Hi there, first time user of rhino render so would love a little help. when i change the sun position it shows the difference in rendered view but when i try to render the scene it always uses the same sun position as before the change. this issue happens in only legacy render and not in rhino render.
i added a couple of screenshots that show that the shadows are different in rendered view but stay the same when rendering.

Hello, I am currently having the same problem on rhino 8. Whichever way i turn the sun, the render result sun direction doesn’t change.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Any reason not to use Rhino Render if it gives the correct result?

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I cannot achieve those sharp edges with rhino renderer, there is scattering, which will not give me those black shades I am looking for. (Or at least there is not a setting there which i found to get the same result) I have just tried the same with rhino 7 and it worked normally. Might it be the case, that you can no longer edit sunlight direction with Legacy render?

Here is comparison between results of both renderers with exactly the same setting, just switched the renderer. Why there are also bands in the legacy renderer would be another whole question.
I could also postprocess the rhino renderer always with something like threshold in photoshop to get the same result, but still it would be interesting to know the reason why is it not working in V8.

If you’re lookng for black shadows you can take the following steps:

  1. turn off skylight
  2. in Renderings panel under Rhino Render Advanced Settings set Ray Bounces > Diffuse to 0

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Thanks a lot, that works like wonder, no reason to use the legacy renderer anymore! The updated cycles is much better and faster anyway in v8.

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