Rhino 7 renderer sunlight setting inconsistent

one moment it gives clear shadows

another it gives blurry shadows

There was no setting change between the two renders. I also can’t pin point when it switches between soft and hard shadows. Happening arbitrarily it seems.
Does my amorphous shape somehow interfere with how sun light is cast?
This isn’t an issue with legacy rhino legacy renderer

Hi @Will_Wang,

Can you post a 3dm that shows this shadow change? Also, what service release are you on?


The geometry is from a grasshopper script, specifically the preview component that can push meshes to be rendered without adding it to the rhino objects table.
You may have to click render a few times or fiddle those GH sliders to get the “lucky” shot.

rendersample.gh (11.7 KB) rendersample.3dm (108.6 KB)

I have seen it happen on occasion as well. I have not yet found the reason, so no fix either.

Until a fix is available you’ll have to toggle the view.