Summer in Prague

Hi guys.

My latest project. All base models created in Rhinoceros → sculpted in 3Dcoat → textured in Substance Painter → imported into Rhino back and rendered in Octane Render.



A lovely and surreal scene as if from a class A film.

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Oh very thank you! :slight_smile:

This work is incredible, really a work of art imho. One question: what is the piece (of metal I presume) sticking up from the lower train or trolley, and the similar piece hanging down from the upper train or trolley? Both versions blew me away. I especially was impressed by the texture of the snow in the black and white version, while the energy of the color version made the picture seemed to be alive. You should really give a seminar on how you created this picture. Many thanks.

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energy~ :smiley: