More experimental art


I’ve been having a good time exploring certain techniques and ideas in my abstract art creation. These are all Rhino and then exported to Arion Stand-alone and then to Photoshop for compositing.

(Rob McPherson) #2

Exceedingly impressive!

Any chance you could enlighten us a little on your process within Rhino?



Basically, I project lines onto primitives and then twist and distort all at once. Then to render. It’s a very spontaneous and unpredictable approach which makes for a very interesting and creative work-flow.


Here’s another one from this morning. Very spur of the moment.

(Rob McPherson) #5

Ha! That’s outrageous! The complexity of the image makes it look like you’ve spent weeks on it…


These remind me of some of the output from

Really cool!


Thanks! I try to use the toolset to it’s advantage so that it naturally produces some of the details and complexities just automatically. It’s a lot of fun to curtail how far to use each tool and at other times try to exceed the limits of the tools before they break. If I had to use this technique to create something more recognizable or realistic, I think I would fail or maybe spend the ‘weeks’ referred to :-)!