My Rhino3d friends!

I am a rhino3d ART since 2001. Back then, Rhino3d wasn’t as famous as it is now. A lot has changed, but the love for Rhino3d is still the same. This is an image that was commissioned for next year’s education and made into a curriculum. It is a simple scene where models to be made with rhino3d are gathered. It’s not easy Rhino3d still has a lot to learn, but I want to get along well in the future. Merry Christmas~


Your models are always delightful, thanks for sharing!!

nice !

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Great Work!

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Long time no see.I wanted to show the subD model, but there is nothing to show yet. It takes more effort. Thank you so much for always leaving encouraging comments.

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Andreas Walther, Thank you so much. Happy Christmas~

Thank you, Great Man of Creative Type! Happy Christmas~

The chocolates look delicious. Super kawaii! :slight_smile:

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Sooo nice!
Thank you and best wishes to you and all the forum…
P.S. which renderer did you use?

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Very fun modeling & rendering, great job!
I second that, what renderer are you using?

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Chocolate may not be good for Our health, but it is definitely lovely. It’s also sure to help boost the work. Thank you diff-arch~

Your kind words are touching us. VRay for Rhino (VRay Next) was used for rendering.
Have a nice Year~ lio

I am very sorry for the late reply. The renderers used are listed above(VRay Next for Rhino). Next time, I will make sure the renderer I used before asking the question is the equator. Thank you Ryan~