Hello Jon,

The easiest way would be to have this feature only as a “perpendicular section” for doors and windows.
So if the section is not perpendicular to the object then the original geometry would be displayed.

If this is what you suggest then we will consider it for a future version.

Thank you

Hi Jon, we have some doubts about this request.

  1. How would you represent a door in section (that has a block assigned for that representation) that is not being cut perpendicular to it? (see example below)
  2. How would you like the door in section looked like, that is different than it is currently displayed?

Hi Francesc,

Would it not be a “jogged” section in this instance where the “jog” would be perpendicular to the wall housing the window or door?

Hi Steven, of course you could draw a jogged section, so it goes perpendicular to all doors, but what if it doesn’t? How would you display a door that has a block assigned in this case?

Well if it’s not perpendicular, then it obviously cannot work… however I can’t see that happening very often unless through user error, or if the wall is curved, but I may be wrong!

The problem is the VA section (and any other 3D modeller) is not a proper section :wink:
I don’t know what are the other countries drafting praxis, but in Poland a proper section has to be a normal section, despite how an element is located towards a section line. I mean, the section should show a true size of the element, without any distortions. On regular basis it is achieved thanks to the element axis: when the section line cuts the element its position is based due to its axis and thus we can place the normal secton. I would love to get the feature in VA :wink:
Regrads, Jaro

In this case I can cancel the new shape scetion to this particular door

Right !

Hi Jerry,

I really don’t know if I understand what you mean. Do you mean that if you section a wall with a thickness of 10cm, by a section line at 45º, the resulting section (the two vertical lines) will be separated by 10cm?


A Jogged section will not fix also this issue, because the projection is always the same, perpendicular to the first segment of the section line.


Hello Enric,
You are right, see the picture:

Section line cuts the wall and where the section line meets the axis there we have a wall position on the drawing. And, by the way, it would be a really great idea to add an option for such axis, the best if we could choose the wall layer to put the axis, as it is natural to have it just in the middle of a construction element.
I am sorry for my childish drawing :wink:
Cheers, Jaro

Unfortunately that’s not possible, and I don’t think we’ll never implement this in VisualARQ.

The biggest problem with this kind if section is that the projected objects behind the wall will be hidden by the real wall section (which will be thicker), and there will be an empty area between the wall section lines and the objects projected lines:

On the left a real section. On the right a unreal/distorted section to show the real wall thickness. The red circles shows some problems with this kind of sections.


Frankly, I could live with the right section :wink:
Showing a real section (I mean normal section) is more important for me. But if you don’t plan it I will just design some rectangular buildings :wink:
But more seriously, consider adding axis to a wall, please.
Regards, Jaro