Suggestion for Rhino or Selection Box Help

I do alot of floor plans on Rhino and most of the time my curves or planes are overlapping so i have to cycle through the selection box to find the correct curve i would like to select.

My issue is its difficult sometimes to see the curve i am selecting because the white outline it places on them is difficult to see especially if the curves are really close or the view isn’t just right.

Is there a way to change the display color, or some other notifier like maybe itll grey out everything but the selection you are highlighting? If not i think this would be a great feature to add to rhino

This image specifically isnt the best example considering my background doesnt help, and you can clearly see the white outline, but i think it gives you an image of what im refering to.

Hello - you can set the ‘selection candidate’ color by right-clicking on the menu the next time it is up and choose ‘Properties’



Thank you, just what i was looking for!

Because the lines are still somewhat hard to see in some situations, although this feture helps tremendously to know now, if it is possible to make the line thicker that you are highlighting so you can see it better

Hi Chris,

Not for the ambiguous selection display specifically, no. But you can make curves and surface edges appear thicker with the settings in the display mode.

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