Selection highlight curve width

I’ve been having trouble telling what surface I’m selecting, especially when edge curves are thin. After selecting between two or more possible options it’s clear what I’ve got because it highlights well, but before that (when the selection menu pops up) I’m basically guessing more often than not.

Is it possible to get a more-obvious idea of what I’m selecting, something like what I get after making the selection? i.e. shade-highlight the surface (if that’s how the display mode is defined) and highlight the edge curves in the highlight color?

That would make life much easier. Please let me know if I’m missing something here.


Hi Hans- you can change the ‘selection candidate’ color - that may help - when the selection menu pops up, right click on the menu and choose ‘Properties’.


Ok thanks that helps, it could be better though.

Hi Hans- I added a request for V6- not sure what is possible, but it is on the pile now - thanks.


I was just wondering something about this, does the highlight object bring itself to the front of the display order? This may be why I can never see it. I’m using a 2012 retina MacBook Pro btw.