SUGGESTION: Batch rename for block name conflict

Common situation:
Linking/Pasting several design options for one building/object into a separate scene file. Rhino notices block name conflict and gives you a choice.

If you decide that you want to duplicate the blocks (to change their materials later) you have to manually rename each instance (happens if the new name doesn’t follow the “name ##” convention, as far as I can tell)

Add an option for batch rename where you can add a suffix or a postfix or whatever your soul desires.

In the image below, checking “Do this for all block name conflicts” doesn’t seem to work when changing the suggested name with auto-numbering (which is ok but not explicit enough and doesn’t say anything about which model does this block belong to)

Hi Tim - in my quick test. ‘Do this for all block name conflicts’ seems to properly incrememt the block names. Still poking at it…


I think I misunderstood the “Do this for all block name conflicts” part a bit. Ok, so, as I understand now, what it does, in case of keeping both of the blocks with renaming is automatically renaming all the instances of the same block, and not all the blocks. Correct me here if I’m wrong.

I originally thought it was renaming all the conflicting blocks, not per block, but in bulk.
Would be nice to have (although it can be confusing) an option for the bulk rename. In situations where the blocks are all properly named but come from basically the same model with some design changes, it is sometimes useful to make the blocks unique to be able to tweak materials of the underlying geometry. So you would want to keep the block names the same but indicate that they are coming from another option (I like to add the name of the option they come from).

If you use keep current block, then the imported blocks reference the current ones, but the problem is that the current ones are sitting on the layer of another option, which you hide when you want to show the new one in the scene, thus hiding all the blocks in the new option. Same deal with replace with imported block, just the other way around.