Wish: block name conflict -> cancel


if I close the dialog per “x” in the right top than I expect that the import is canceled, but the block is still imported. Could be useful if canceling could work too.



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Hi Micha - this is the dialog that I think corresponds to the one you show, in the latest V6.17 builds:



Hi Pascal,

I’m working with the last final official SR and I got the message in the moment as I copied some geometry from one Rhino task to an other. The blocks was embedded blocks, not linked.

OK, there is a cancel option, but I wonder that your dialog only allow to choose between two options anymore - use blocks from the imported geometry and add additional blocks with new new name? Where is the option to ignore imported blocks and keep the model block?

For example my client create a scene and send it to me. I refinded the blocks for rendering. Later my client change the position of the blocks at his side and send the new scene to me. Now I would import his scene, but would like to keep my blocks.

I’m not sure - maybe your dialog is from an other functionality. Or the option “keep model block and ignore imported block” needs to be added.


What you can always do is just import your clients blocks as new blocks and then run replaceblocks