Block name conflict - "do this for all block name conflicts"? All?


I’m not sure how long the option “do this for all block name conflicts” will be active? What means “all”? Doe’s it mean, the popup will not popup again for:

  • (a) for all blocks of the current copy&paste
  • (b) for copy&paste events of the current Rhino session
  • (c) for any copy&paste from now over all next Rhino sessions

I would like to enable it for (a) only.


It will last only “one paste”. In other words, if you paste only one block instance, the checkbox “Do this for all block name conflicts.” is basically redundant. If you paste multiple blocks at once, it will remember the setting you choose when you check the box for all the block instances you paste.

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Great, that’s what I need. Thank you Gijs.

(Maybe there could be a note that it is limited for the current command only.)

I agree RH-72231 Block paste conflict UI feedback

I’ve run into an issue with this importing multiple Layouts from another file. Importing Layouts seems to bring in Layers and Blocks of everything in the file for some reason. (Or perhaps everything shown in Details?)

It repeatedly prompts to replace the same blocks for each Layout being imported. It doesn’t take many blocks and pages to make this an incredibly slow process.