Suface from Curves

I am trying to get a surface between these curves (file attached below), it is basically a roof. So far i have tried using patch surface with variable U and V values. But the end result dosent conform to the boundaries, on joining these surface with Edge tools i am unable to produce a offset surfce. Is there an alternative way or a GH Plugin/Script that might come to my use to achieve this?

Sweep 2 works on some of these curves, but for others i am unable to generate a surface.

Please help.

Roof.3dm (71.8 KB)

In my opinion, you should divide your curves into shorter ones and try to have four or three-sided patches all the time. I’ve also rebuilt curves because there were too many points. I’ve used split on curve corners. I’ve added a few curves to have smaller patches. I rebuilt some of your curves to have simpler curves. I’ve also used match curve to have a continuous curve. I’ve created surfaces with sweep2 and edgesrf commands. I’m quite fresh Rhino user so I could do some errors. It took me about 20min. It`s not finished because those unfinished parts are harder to solve without making some design decisions. I know it’s not finished nicely and not in GH but I hope it helps a bit.

Roof2.3dm (531.4 KB)

@mdesign Thank you for your Time and efforts Appreciated!

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I am looking for a Fluid surface, like how a patch produces but with actual edges. I know it is going to be hard given the curvature of the roof segments.

I’m not sure If I’ve understood you well but If you like what patch command produces then you can build new curves based on that patch surface to create smaller patches created with sweep2 and edgesrf as I showed before (where you will be able to decide about your UV topology). You can use that patch surface as a guide for a better surface I think. It can be done as a one continuous surface build from smaller patches. I`ve done it fast and that’s why you can notice where every patch ends