How can I build a clean surface between these curves? (Loft and patch give frustrating results.)

Hey everyone,

I’m having problems modeling a node-like surface between three connecting half-pipes. It’s really hard to explain with text so here is a gif of the outline of the surface I want.

I’ve tried loft but can’t get the curves to align at all (I don’t think I really know how to align them) Patchsurface gives wonky results with the center of the surface either bulging up or down. I don’t really know how to go forward with building this surface. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!

I’m including the .3dm file:

aga.3dm (285.1 KB)

Here is what a patch surface, the best I could do, looks like:

As you can see, it doesn’t fit the shape and the borders are not very precise.

Hello - @gencalp - see if the attached gives you an idea-

aga_PG.3dm (229.1 KB)


hello Alperen
Here’s a slightly different way than Pascal’s.

agaTI.3dm (12.9 MB)

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This is the method I would use. It does require advanced surfacing experience.The main advantage is eliminating the planar flat spot.


@pascal Thanks for the solution! I realize the logic of it is very easy and smart, I just didn’t see it. Your method helped me to create the surface where the number of connecting arms are larger than 3.

@Stratosfear Your solution seems to be the most visually appealing but I couldn’t really understand the logic from the images provided. What command did you use to create the surfaces? Do I really need to remove the planar flat spot? Is your surface the more correct one, in mathematical terms? (Is the red highlighted surface included in your solution, or is that the part you remove and replace?)

I really appreciate the help!