Sucessive arcs in same curve

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I hope everything is fine ! Actually, I did a long way to construct a thing and I get stucked in a step which is about to create arcs in a range of points from division. I shifted points to create two list of points to create start and end points in order to make arcs. I tried everything but I feel I miss something or learn more about this way to create a range of curve along divided curves:) Someone can tell me how to solve it ?

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Not at PC right now but maybe this helps.

First to solve a problem like this it is a good idea to simplify the problem: Try with one straight line first.

Anyways, you dont need Dispatch.

If you have one curve, and you divide it, to make arcs you need point 0 with point 1, point 1 with point 2, etc.

To do this refer to:

There are many solution there but the best one in my opinion is to use 2 Shift List components: One will give you the start points, the other will give you the end points. Note that both Shift Lists take the same input, the list of points. Also note that one Shift List has -1 shift while the other 1. And remember to set the invert the boolean in the Wrap option of the Shift List, just like tue screenshot in the thread I linked.

Finally you just need the direction, which is the normal direction to the curve at the middle point between Start Point and End Point.

To get the mid point you could shatter the curve and use Curve Mid Point, or you could divide by the double of your wanted number or points and use Dispatch. Output A is the list of points you will use for the Shift Lists. Output B is the list of mid points. To get the normal direction at these points you need to calculate the cross product between the tangent vector to the curve at each given point and the Z unit vector.

So, the Division component outputs the Tangent Vectors at each division point. If you used method 2 to get the middle points, that is divide by double the number of wanted points, remember to again use dispatch and use output B so you will get the tangente of the middle points alone.

Now use Cross Product component, plug in the Tangent Vectors in A and Z unit vector in B. This is the direction vector for the arcs.

I might be missing something but along these lines should work!

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Thank for your time but I mean arcs are aligned in same curve, like an elevation if you know what i mean something like that, sorry for the misunderstanding :slight_smile:

Since everything is already given, you could try this and that… (14.4 KB)

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