Rhino SubDs on a Previous Project

I’ve been working and reworking projects getting upto speed with the SubDs in V7. For me where they really shine is how well they are incorporated into Rhino’s work-flow. I’ve always really liked Rhino’s interface and having SubDs now makes it very hard to go to another modeling app to use a SubD tool which hasn’t been developed for Rhino yet.

This project had a number of pieces created in Modo originally. I scrapped them and started afresh in Rhino. All the gears were Rhino originated so left them alone. It was great to be able to work all forms within one interface and not have to jump around between apps. Previously it would be Rhino for basic design, to Modo for SubD, to Fusion to convert to Nurbs and then to Rhino again. If something needed to be changed i had to do the whole thing all over again. So this is very good! I’m thrilled.

Some variations on materials rendered in Maverick Render. I’ve decided there are a few more pieces to be added so probably not completely complete.


Hi Paul,

I always live to see your work. It’s of such different and unique aesthetic it always keeps me lingering to appreciate it for some time.

The bottom white one is odd and I like it.
I wonder how that white would contrast with the gears not on being gold but dirty and worn like the third…

Thanks for sharing


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gorgeous stuff as always!! thanks for sharing!!

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