Inset on multiple adjacent faces

Can we not inset across multiple faces?
Currently every selected face gets a separate inset. So if I choose 3 adjacent faces to inset Rhino insets each face but in Max if the faces are connected/adjacent, max easily insets across multiple faces into one inset while in rhino it takes me several steps to achieve the same thing I can do in max in one step.
Maybe I’m missing something in the work flow? If not please add this as a request, this is really needed.


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I can’t see what you are actually doing please write out the steps of what you are doing again your posted example is too small.

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click drag a scale handle then hold shift+ctrl for the 1st one,
inset for the 2nd one.

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Hi Kyle,
Thanks I just figured it out on my own by accident.

Who would ever know that inset across multiple faces is done with the gumball?

The command should have a multiple faces: option at the command line that accepts either pre pick or post pick faces as well makes no sense not to.
Thanks for your reply,

Hey that’s not funny I can’t hear you using the keyboard and even if I did I wouldn’t know which key you are pressing. It’s not polite to post an example that hides the way something is done.

Sorry, I did not hide, subtracted from the documentation to SubD, it is in the public domain, available to all.
Inset often involves a subsequent deformation, so Gumball can still use Extrude, get the same effect.

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Does this work when the SubD isn’t flat, though?

I thought there was a jetbrains about adding global vs. local inset options.

Hi Inju

I don’t know exactly distinguish insert and inset
but watching you’r workflow
more detail expressed Sub-D face…

In my think what used beveling?
I used bevel for edge or filleting.

Thank you for Idea (I’m always getting useful tips n’ Information)

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I don’t know English, so it’s hard for me to understand your question.
I use beveling to change the topologies.

If the question is about this:


I can’t see in the video: does this give you the same amount of control that the _Inset command does? Like, can you inset by .1 units and have that exact measurement be what you get when you look at it in facetted mode?

I don’t know why the forum engine sometimes squeezes gif files a lot.

I don’t have an answer. For me, modeling polygons is not a tool for accurate models, for accurate models I use NURBS.

Not sure how you create your GIF’s?

After trying different options, I’ve started using OBS Studio. Maybe that would be easier for you too?

Amongst other things, it allows combining multiple cameras, which can used to show hands on mouse and keyboard and other controllers, just to give an example… Here’s a screenshot:

PS: You can upload a video to this forum, no other hosting required.

The problem is not the GIFs.
The forum engine often compresses GIF files if the resolution exceeds 1,000 pixels on one side, making 300 pixels out of it.
One original GIF file:
On this forum

and the same file on another site:

I use precise control polygon measurements a lot. It helps me get a coherent feel to the curvature of certain parts if objects without futzing around a lot.

A group option for Inset is also on the list here and apparently in progress… so it might be soon. The Gumball approach is a workaround and limited as mentioned if your face selection is not planar.


Thanks Brian that’s good to know. Glad it’s being worked on.

@inju I find it better to skip these Gif videos and play real videos with voice instead. This helps a lot of people.

This is the real reason why gifs don’t work :slight_smile:

Thank you

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