Open brep to Surface

Hello, Hope everyone is doing well
I am noob in grasshopper
How to convert an open brep to a single surface? I am trying to create a single braced diagrid and after deconstructing brep it is considering for each of the individual surfaces

Attached below is The gh file
Kindly help
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Screenshot 2021-11-14 200544|690x251

you forgot to internalize your geometry

Sorry, now its edited

you can merge the faces (with kinks) into one:

is that what you’re after?
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Yes, Thank you so much
Is there a way or logic to do it using only gh components? ( without python)

I don’t think you can do this in native gh. In the first place because you need a certain loop to merge the surfaces one by one. And secondly I am not aware of a native MergeSrf component.

oh, okay.
When trying to do in rhino, i had to bake the collection of surfaces and merge them one by one,
hence i thought there might be a method in native gh to merge all the surfaces at one shot.

Thank you for the reply

You can also do this with the Unsplit Loft Surface component from the Pufferfish plug-in.

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Thank you for your solution