Subdivide Surface


Subdivide Surface seems to be throwing in vertices along the World x-axis of my surface.
There are no curve intersections at these UV points and it creates two curves where there should be one (edge).

Thanks, Bill

Subdivide Surface (13.9 KB)

Hi Bill,

It looks like your circle start/end points are not aligned with the surface seam:

Try rotating them 90 degrees before splitting the surface, and you should get the correct number of segments.

Take care,

Subdivide Surface (14.6 KB)

Hi John, thank you for straightening out the proper forum category for this request and mostly for pinpointing the extra vertices problem.

Sorry to be an annoyance but while I have your attention, can you tell me how I can get my vertices to be assigned in the same order for all faces. For example, on face 3 the veritices begin at the bottom/right and rotate clockwise but at faces 2 & 4 they start at bottom/leftand rotate counterclockwise. Much appreciated. Take care,.


Just looked at your definition. It’s probably best to avoid joining edge curves and hoping the point order will be the same. Using your earlier deconstruct Brep, most faces seem to have the same point order (only the ones adjacent to the base of the surface do not, probably due to the splitting method):

It’s probably cleaner to split your surface using the Isotrim component however, This will guarantee a clean point order. This is shown at the bottom of the definition shown above, as well as the divide domain component.

Ah apologies, I see in the original you had a distribution of curves from a sine function. Find attached updated version. John.

Subdivide Surface (13.9 KB)

John, this is the equivalent of fine poetry - takes some concentration. Eliminating the circles and evaluate curve component was a big jump in a new direction. Also, using isotrim threw me off because the spacings aren’t “equal”, that’s why I used subdivide surface. Thanks again, you really made a seemingly intractable problem solveable. Cheers & good health. Bill

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Thanks for your kind words @billd. Good health to yourself also. John.

Hi John,

Thought you might be interested. I worked through the problem and got it (unequal spacings) to cooperate for my purpose. In my specific case, it would have been much easier had all the faces vertices been ordered (subdivide surface point order). I’ve read the forums pertainning to this subject and leave it at that. Thanks once again for taking the time to help.

Subdivide Surface (21.6 KB)