Surface order became a strange after Merge

I created divided surfaces by using Surface split.
The order of divided surfaces became a strange after I merged as shown in the image below.
I don’t know the reason.
Is there any way to prevent the mess or fix that ordering?

Here is my gh:
Changing surface (227.8 KB)

Thanks for your advice in advance!

The Point List seems to sort the points along X.

Look at path 0;0 at D1 it has 15 items, 2 at D2, at the end you have 17 items. Not a mess

What did you expect?

I expected that the original Paths remain as before Merge.
So that I can see same Surfaces order.

Changing surface (255.5 KB)

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Hi Kim,

Thanks a lot.
I see that making a same number of Path is a solution.
I learned another thing from you again.