Subdivide Mesh

I’m using the SubDivide command on mesh, but instead of a Catmull-Clark subdivision I obtain a flat subdivision. Moreover, in Rhino 6 there was more options for the same command.
What am I doing wrong?


I think you’re looking for the ToSubD command

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Hi @gianpaolo_savio1
This is discussed here in more detail. Hopefully we’ll get CatmullClark back at some point. Look, @dalelear - here’s another of us missing the ability to subdivide meshes with CatmullClarke directly, so it’s not just @Gijs and I :wink:
Cheers and happy Friday, Jakob

Following your advice (@Joshua_Kennedy, @Normand and @Vanessa), I found a solution: it’s possible to use the commands ToSubD+Mesh or ToSubD+Subdivide+ExtractControlPolygon.
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and does this keep your texture coordinates?

This issue of using the SubDivide command to work on ordinary mesh objects will get more attention in Rhino 7: Details in RH-62762

In particular, there are cases where ordinary mesh per vertex attributes like color, texture coordinates, and visibility, will not persist in the manner many users expect when the workaround


is used.