Subdivide meshFace or subDface

Hi, I am looking to replicate the functionality of the Subdivide Rhino command through Python scripting. The image below shows the process. I sub-object select and get the meshface and/or subDface, then subdivide only the selected face. Eventually I want to get non-uniformly subdivided mesh/SubD (somewhat resembling a quadtree).


In the case of subDFace, I found the SubDivide() method, but I can only invoke it on a subD object. In the case of a mesh, I understand I can insert a vertex then reconstruct the mesh; but this is quite a lengthy procedure and thus I was wondering if there is a good reference/sample code?

p.s. I want to avoid the approach of calling Rhino commands in my script. Thanks in advance.

Hi @jasonlim,

There isn’t anything exposed in RhinoCommon that will do this. I’ve logged the wish.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it being implemented.