SubDivide Options please

I’ve been using T-Splines since 2011 and SubD since day 1 in WIP. I’m mainly working in R7.

TriRemesh, QuadRemesh and SubD is a great tool to convert 3D scans into Nurbs.

In most situations, I’m modeling SubD without creases. Currently the SubDivide command does a Catmull Clark subdivision and all creased edges / points stay where they are. Everything else is smoothened. That’s not what I want. I want to be able to use the SubDivide command like inserting loops and rings at once on all faces.

T-Splines had two options for subdivision, simple and exact. The naming was unclear.

I don’t think SubDivide should automatically do a Catmull Clark. It’s a nice option but in my opinion we should be able to choose in the command whether a face should only be split or split and smoothened. There are certain workarounds which are ok in some situations. However:

Could we please get the option to choose again?

SubDivide has been discussed in the following two topics:

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Hi @martinsiegrist
I’ve made my own little Grasshopper Player-thing for just that:
_GHP_SubDivide Mesh (6.2 KB)

Thanks I’ll give this a try.

Nevertheless I hope we will get the option back.

@dalelear on why the option was removed some time ago:

… what users want most of the time …

I’m using Rhino because I usually have all the options. Much in contrast to other software. Please keep it that way. Same thing with the Gumball.

Or @piac saves us and activates his old plugin again.
On the way I would like to report a bug in GH and Weavebird, → options in Catmull Clark Subdivisions component not worked.

I have a deep sense, that uncool cuts are being made in the Rhino core. :blush:, namely from Service Release to next SR

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