V7 mesh SubDivide doesn't smooth?

Hi guys, I just ran a SubDivide test on a quad mesh and it doesn’t smooth the mesh, it just divides the faces and puts the new vertices on the same plane as the old face. So is this by design, or did it loose it’s smoothing abilities along the way through some sort of bug?

Simplest example:
Make a mesh box with 1 face per side and subdivide it.
This is what I get:

No Catmull-Clarkin’ there…

@Jussi_Aaltonen didn’t you work on this?

HI all,

In most SubD modelers you always have an option to choose to Subvide Faceted (like shown above), or Subdivide Smooth (meatballing things). We have an equal need for both options. Along with UnSubdivide.



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Subd in Rhino is a separate geometry type from mesh
to smooth it you have to use “convert to subd” on subd tab. then you can subdivide it and extract control mesh (if you want to have it as a mesh like in most other software).

ha! I think this explain why this is so confusingly broken. It does follow that logic.

Here’ I explain what I think it should happen:



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Hi Buhevo, Thanks, but I have been around for decades… :slight_smile:
So here’s a treat for you: One of v6’s hidden commands:

Subdividing without smoothing is a great addition, but not as a replacement to the v6 Catmull Clark version.

The Rhino 7 docs I believe also mention _SubDivide does Catmull-Clark

Logged as RH-62029 SubDivide: Catmull-Clark for meshes

Hi @Holo, @Jussi_Aaltonen et al
This was previously discussed with @dalelear in this thread.

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Thanks @Normand, I was looking at this YT item:
RH-55871 SubDivide: Supports meshes and mesh faces
That was an attempt to put the removed mesh subdivision back to Rhino 7. But since that there have been other changes and discussion I see.

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It works well in V6. In V7, the subdivision and smoothing function of this support grid is removed. I also proposed before that it is inconvenient to turn it into a subdivision object for subdivision

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