Wish: Subdivison for display and rendering as object property


I suppose so it’s a question of time only to see this option at Rhino, since it its a basic option at software packages like 3dsmax. So, why not start now? :wink:

This tool is also important for using mesh objects for viz use to fill scenes with objects like cars, people, plants. Often mesh objects from the internet are designed to use subdividing. In the past I used the weaverbird plugin command _wbCatmullClark, but so the Rhino file size unnecessarily grows.

It could be great if following options would be available:

  • for display&rendering
  • for rendering only
  • divide level (how many times subdived)
  • nakededges: fixed/smooth/cornerfixed

Important would be to keep the UV.

I havn’t much experience with the usage of subdivision so maybe I have overseen some important aspects.


SubD is implemented in Rhino 6 WIP. It is probably the same thing that you wish for.

I don’t see an option at the object properties for subdivide smoothing of selected objects. Where did you find it?

You have to search or somebody will answer here.

It is certainly visible rhinocommon SubD class. I suspect as long as it is open to API there should be buttons for this:
To switch between smooth or low poly like maya, max or t-splines

The function is called:


Looks like _SubDFromMesh is a command only.

My wish is for an option to enable subdividing for for rendering/display use only. Like known from edgesoftening, where the softed object isn’t selectable, only the parent object. This feature could help to get a smooth look but keeps a light Rhino file.

I know this option should exist for display too, as there were numerous threads about this SubD and display on this forum.
On rhinocommon I see that it is based on ngons, as mesh could be subdivided n times, but it stills keeps outlines responding to low poly model.

Since t-splines are bought and will not be released anymore, McNeel will have its own SubD class.

Just search this forum, or somebody else will reply about SubD who knows about this class in depth.

Lots of goodies in Rhino6

I own T-Spline and have seen SubD. My post is a request for a subd display option only. It’s a wish to get the SubD functionality as an automatic display option. I know how to use the current tools to do that step-by-step. In the past I used weaverbird for advanced mesh smoothing.

It seems it will be implemented:

McNeel have confirmed that the SubD development will not result in anything for V6 and the development will continue in the WIP for v7 when V6 is released. So the current SubDfromMesh will sadly not be available in V6 (but I keep my fingers crossed for a change of mind as even the current state is a great asset.)

Ngons are in a way just polygonfaces that are coplanar and the internal edges are hidden.

Since the release date of Rhino 6 is infinity:
Will rhinocommon of rhino 6 (not wip) include SubD even the functionality will not appear in standard rhino interface?

Or it simply will be excluded from the build?

Also the display option Micha mentioned could be very useful, is it going to be included too?

The McNeel SubD-implementation is not intended to work with Subdivision meshes as wished for by Micha.
The whole toolset is supposed to work on the Limit Surface (always perfectly smooth, with infinite subdivisions).

Render related stuff like giving background objects less subdivisions and letting smoothing do the rest or even automatic depth based LOD will not work with the WiP tools. Most importantly UV’s aren’t supported yet.

At this moment you can already do interesting things, please hope the mcneel does not take these commands

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Thank you for continuing this topic.