SubD wish: scale extrude with Gumball


I can extrude subd edges with the Gumball.

How to scale extrude edges?

Or have I missed something?



Hi Michael,

Mouse over the two axis handle on the GB and hold Shift, then click and drag to scale in 2D. If you click and drag on a single scale handle on the GB you can hold Shift in the middle of that to scale in 3D.

Oh wait… I think you want to extrude at the same time. Hold Ctrl as well in that case.


You can see an example of this in this video at the 29 second mark.

It’s kind of tricky. Once both (opposite) edges are selected with Shift/Ctrl, grab the 2D scale handle and start the extrude. Just when the extrude begins, hold down Ctrl to get the proportional effect. It takes a little practice.