SubD Extrude Edge

As in the SubD I chair demo I cannot extrude an edge of a SubD face with with the gumball. I cannot get the hotkeys cont or shift to work. with the Y scale square. I can scale but I cannot add another polygon shape. In TSplines, it’s called TSappend.

All I can do is draw now polygons and stitch them together.


Hi, There is an append command. Is that what your looking for?—-Mark

Hi Dave - only open edges can be extruded with the gumball - the extrsuion handle (dot in the middle of the axis to extrude) is the one to use to simply extrude a new face, and for scaling, you need to hold Ctrl down after you start dragging the scale handle and stop dragging, click and and mouse-up before letting go of Ctrl…



Thanks, Simple but confusing. I got it now.


Thanks much. You are always helpful.