Gumball Extrude

how to extrude like in this video on my Mac ?
I tried hold control but not working and I tried command instead it only works when it’s a curve but can’t extrude the edge of a surface

Hi Andy - I moved your post since you replied to a 6-years old Rhino 5 thread with a question about a Rhino 7 feature.
Are you trying this in Rhino 7? Are you trying it with a SubD object?

thanks for respond soon. I’m using rhino 7wip. I want to know not only with a subd object but generally how to extrude while scaling with gumball like in the video on Mac OS(the video suggest hold control with win version)

Hi -

In that video, Kyle is using this on a SubD object. As far as I can tell, that gumball behavior only works on SubD objects.

I see. thanks for answering