SubD....What's taking so Long?

i have authored several courses utilizing Rhino and Tsplines in v5. i work for a high-end jewelry company designing very complex organic designs

most of you should know by now that you can create just about anything using Zbrush-tSplines-Rhino. the problem now is rhino 6 can’t do any of that.

No… Fusion does not work w this pipeline. as a matter of fact… nothing in CAD world does what this pipeline does

if someone can tell me what new plugin can create subd (quad) meshes inside rhino & convert meshes back into a nurb - speak now

if you’re not familiar what im talking about… basically, you can model very complex organic meshes w tsplines - add high res details in zbrush - import back to rhino - CONVERT back to a nurb

don’t get me wrong. v6 is very good (w a few bugs to mention) but the developers went backwards in this software. grasshopper is great - but i can speak for the majority of the users. people need subD capabilities in rhino. maybe bring back tsplines or something similar (no not Clayoo)

it really sucks having to go back to v5 to achieve complex designs nurbs cannot accomplish

so my question to mcneel is - why did we go backwards? why end tsplines or subd in Rhino?

thanks guys

See T-splines and Rhino 6 and many of the other T-Splines related topics in this forum

It should be obvious that the fate of T-Splines was and is not in our hands.

Hi @jean77flip

Right now Clayoo is the only SubD solution inside Rhino 6.
Here you have the official post to check all the information:

the old clayoo in v5 was horrible. didn’t work for me

i will test the new version in v6 and get back to you w my results

Not an answer but;
Marcel Laverdet (great artist and a friend) known as Marcello in the former (eovia) amapi forums, or as “Marcel” at Zbrush Central did great things with Rhino and Zbrush. His workflow was to get the perfect shape with rhino, then subD extracted (cut) areas mainly with Zbrush . This is the contrary of what you wish but I would do that if I had a need of that nature.

what speaks against keeping v5 licenses and not upgrading but instead buying v6 licenses extra? If your workflow is so unique and fast, these additional costs may pay off… I mean you bought t-splines licenses, so why dismissing them? Same with VSR Tools, if you own them. In our company we did this, same with Catia etc.

I did this.

The fact that a full R6 licence also gives you ability to download a legacy R5 to help squeeze the most out of these plugins was a great gesture too, and saves need to hoard v5 licences.

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its not a problem at the moment

i can work w no issue using v5 w tpslines.

simply complete the work and export back to v6 if i want.

FWIW, read the Rhino SubD Status Document by Dale Lear to find out what works in RH6. Not sure if that help, though.


many of you are suggesting Clayoo.

here are my thoughts after trying out the trial on v6

here are my thoughts… it sucks

slow…doesn’t work as “smooth” as tsplines in v5

converting subD meshes is not “quick”

etc. etc etc

thank goodness we still have tsplines in our v5.


Hi Jean, you’ve used seen those commands in RH6 right?


The extrude, scale and move are really neat and fast, and better than T-Splines, but still all other functions like adding edges, a hard crease or sud-dividing a local surface are absent, and they’re working on those as we can all read from their forum discussions.

Would you have found a way to subdivide a local subd face in RH6 by any chance? looks like it only subdivides the entire geometry, which make everything more complicated to work with afterwards.

Thanks for your feedback on ZBrush. I’ll give it a try, although I’m such a Rhino + GH addict.

Finally, can I buy a copy of your T-Splines license? I still use v5 too.