Has SubD been removed from the final Rhino 6 build?

I cannot find neither documentation nor essential commands.

Correct, it is not in the released V6, it is a ‘WIP’ feature, not ready for release, and is available in the WIP



This makes everything worse how am I supposed to do SubD without T-Splines?

Well, it is there as a test command but (there is no documentation or autocomplete)


Can you use V5 ? It still has t-splines active, if you own it.—- Mark

Ok, I will use the test command. It seems stable enough for me but for some reason SubD objects are excluded form ambient occlusion in the Render view mode.

How do I convert the SubD object to surfaces for proper texture mapping?
Is it possible to have al the SubD commands listed in this post?

Hi @LowEndSilicon

SubD development will continue in the Rhino 7 WIP.

– Dale

AFAIK, the “Rhino SubD status document” should reflect what works in RH6.
You can download that document from this post:

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Perfect! That is what I was looking for.

My Rhino t-splines model has now been broken and unable to get it to look like the T-SPLINE model because t-spline is no-longer working. I used t-spline 4 to model my building. Almost 80 percent of it was modelled using t-splines. It’s very depressing seeing your once beautiful smooth complex organic model looking very faceted and very rough. The saddest thing is that my t-spline model took me a very long time to make as it is very complex. I really hope that McNeel produces a similar version application that’s able to imitate t-splines functionality.

Also I hope that this version whatever name it will be called is able to operate on Rhino version 5 as well, since Version 5 is the previous version of rhino that allowed t-splines to be run on it. It would relief the users of Rhino 5 whose models were done with t-splines knowing they would not have to worry about spending extra money on upgrading to Rhino 6 when they are already being disappointed with the end of life of t-splines which result in their model being broken. The Users of Rhino 5 would be grateful to be able remodel their buildings using a replacement plugin to t-splines without having to upgrade to Rhino 6 which will cost them a fortune especially the students.

If you have T-splines (assuming you have, since you created your model with t-splines) for v5 you can just continue to use that in v5.

SubD will not be backported to v5.

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