SubD for Rhino WIP?

Anyone knows if rhino6 will have a native subdivision tab in a near future? Read somewhere they were developing since autodesk stopped working on T-splines…

Rhino V6 won’t, but the WIP has the current incomplete tools.
I know the developer is going to get back going on the SubD tool development again fairly soon.

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Couldn’t it even come on a future SR of v6?

New features aren’t added to shipping versions. Service releases come out with bug fixes. New features go into the Work-In-Progress builds for the next release versions.

If you own V6, you have access to the V7 WIP. This is where SubD work is being done.

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This is just like the V6 development.
Service release bug fixes came out for V5 while new tools were being developed in the

I’m quite appalled.
We use Rhino 5 + T-Splines to import 3d mesh models and convert them to surfaces. T-Splines can convert a quad mesh model to t-splines surfaces, we can work on them and then convert them to nurbs. It’s great and it works well even though it’s not supported anymore.
Now, if I update to Rhino 6 before May to get the promo pricing, I won’t be able to do any of the above anylonger.
If I stick with Rhino 5, I miss the v.6 features and when (if ever) Rhino will support D-Sub, I’ll have to pay a higher update price. It’s just 100 Euro but still it’s not fun.
Or, I just switch to Autodesk 360. And I heard that PTC Creo can imprt and work on quad meshes too.

Any other ways to do this other than keeping both v.5 and v.6?

I know a lot of people using T-Splines on Rhino.
Is it just me or this looks like a kind of “sales-suicidal” move from McNeel?!
Did you guys hire a consultant paid by Autodesk to conceive this? :smiley:


I’m not sure if there’s a question in this rant of yours but let me see if I get this straight - you want McNeel to make it impossible for 3rd parties to develop plug-ins for Rhino?

Things would be solved if Autodesk makes T Spline plugin for V6.
Doors wide open.

Maybe need to put it up on kickstarter…

The question is in my post:

The underlying question/complain to McNeel is:
Why make it impossible for Rhino 6 users to use T-Splines when you know that Rhino native D-Sub modelling is still years away?

Because it is beyond their control. The IP owner could fulfill your need. They have chosen not to. You seem to lack a fundamental understand of the underlying business conditions leading to your discontent.

If you need to use present TSplines going forward, rather than past version combinations and present alternatives, you’ll need to use Fusion, at least for the foreseeable short term.

The upside is that Rhino and Fusion do complement each other.

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Because in order to enable other advanced features, the SDK of Rhino has to change, and that means that plug-ins compiled against the previous SDK will not work. So if you want to have V6 as V5 compatible, you basically end up with… V5.

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Thanks Helvetosaur, that is a clear explanation. I’m not a software programmer, so technical/legal issues are sometimes difficult to understand.
Will try out Fusion 360, on paper it promises to do everything and more than Rhino does

you can have rhino 5 and 6 in your computer unless you have no plugins on grasshopper that isnt compatible with rh6

Can I get my money back on Rhino 6? It is useless to me without tsplines.

Hello - please contact



thank you.

I understend your situation @leestohr , I moved to Clayoo.

give it a try!

If you think upgrading Rhino for €100 will also be no fun, you have no idea how much more no fun would be to switch to Fusion 360. It has some useful features but it’s not a replacement for Rhino at this point. Very buggy and feature-incomplete.

You should try PTC Creo too. Very powerful software, and great functionality on matching and maintaining relationships between SubD bodies and the rest of your parametric models. But they also bring cost and ‘no fun’ to an unprecedented level. I’ve been considering it for a while, but as much as I like some of its features I find it a nightmare to use.

You must know a very obscure and exclusive group, since T-splines sold to probably 1% of Rhino users? Or maybe 0.1%? …so yeah it’s just you.

I’m all for Sub-D integration in Rhino but irrational and pissy arguments like yours are no way to ever influence McNeel in the right direction.

The real potential for McNeel is making SubDs so good that all the people that are not even thinking about using/missing Tsplines and all the limited SubD tools in other MCAD products would find it delightful. Including non-Rhino users. And therefore drive more Rhino adoption. Otherwise probably makes no business sense for them to spend any development resources on it.



Only for ‘old’ guys who get stuff done. :wink: …you’re banned. I forbid you!