SubD Tutorial on creating Tufting in a cushion or sofa

Hi, can anyone please recommend a tutorial on how to best create a tufted surface on a cushion or sofa?

I’ve started by creating a SubD cube object with an equal number of X and Y counts, to create a grid representing each tuft.

It is from this point that I am a bit stuck. I assume each face should be individually selected and 2d scaled inward and then translated in the Z axis to create new geometry as the “tuft”?

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work at all the way I was hoping it would. Plus it seems like there is a faster way to perform this operation for all faces simultaneously.

Thanks in advance.

edit: OR… would it be wiser to create this is with surface tools?

Hi @Phorman ,

I like to do tufting like this as a NURBS polysurface. You can then use FlowAlongSrf to get it on your target surfaces. I’m sure there are ways to create a similar SubD workflow too but I would lean towards making a module in the same way rather than trying to do it as sub-object edits.

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you ROCK @BrianJ thank you!!! this is far more helpful than what I was imagining as a solution.

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You’re welcome!