Easy creation of faceted surfaces?

Design like this is very popular these days:

Is there a fast and easy way to create/modify these in Rhino without having to manually trim and re-trim every single surface?

Or is there a way to perhaps convert a low-polygon mesh to trimmed surface planes?


Yes, I searched before I posted this.

EDIT: Ok, apparently this is what I was looking for…

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Good. :ok_hand:You might check https://discourse.mcneel.com/u/hannesgrebin) posts re: faceted (not necessarily SubD)

Also check out Meshmixer (free)
for some fun remeshing tools…

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Simple method for quad panels from a NURBS surface is to rebuild the surface as degree 1 in both directions. Number of panels in each direction will be 1 less than the number of points in each direction. Panels may be warped.