SubD Sofa Cushion


I’ve been trying to make the shape below into a single seat cushion. 4" thick with crown on the top and bottom. I can’t figure it out, I’m new to using SubD but just can’t get this one. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.SubD Cushion.3dm (53.9 KB)

NURBS will capture the exact form of your curve so just use Revolve with output set to Surfaces if this is exactly what you want for the shape. You can use the QuadRemesh command after that to make a SubD version though for a softer feel. There are a number of things you could do after that to more closely match the NURBS curve or add in sharper details but that’d be my suggested workflow.

Thanks for this Brian. I’m going the other way so I extruded closed planar curve and then did the quadmesh and it worked like a charm.

Also figured out that by creating a subd box for the lug and a separate subd box for the center I could delete the joining faces and then join the boxes and manipulate the new form.

  1. delete joining faces

  1. scale joining faces

  1. join

  2. finesse subd.

Nice @jonathanpaulbaker , good thinking, I saw the profile and thought revolve :slight_smile:

SubD is so flexible in Rhino 7, you could also go this route and then tweak…