Quadremesh help

Hello. I’m new to SubD and I’m still learning it’s capabilities and limitations. My project for learning it trying to accurately remodel my apartment and it’s furniture. In this case, I’m trying to remodel the ikea sofa for which I found a mesh 3D model online, and I’m trying to convert it to a SubD or a quad mesh. I would like to have a regular grid of quads wrapping around the pillow in both directions. I’m wondering what would be the best way to go about this? Splitting the pillow in two (front and back) would probably be a good next step, but I’m still struggling to make a regular grid of quads.

This is the result of my initial attempt with Quadremesh with guide curves. The corners are still denser widh quads, probably because there is more detail needed to create a sharp corner.

This is what the texture applied to this subd looks like (surface mapping). As you can see, it doesn’t follow 1 direction and the corners are still a problem.

These are the guide curves I used (just a grid projected onto the mesh). The guide curves also show what I’m trying to achieve, a regular X by X grid of quads around the mesh.

Try enabling X and Y symmetry in the QuadRemesh settings, that should force an edgeloop in the center. Regarding the texture mapping, you’ll need to use WCS mapping for the texture in the material or make custom UVs for the SubD objects in Properties > Texture Mapping > Unwrap and then choose the seams which ideally would be the edgeloops defined by curves indicating the actual seams in the real world. The last thing I’d suggest is to use as few quads as you can.

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