subD to Nurbs continuity

Hello, I’ve got a polysurface, and i need to reconstruct it to one simple surface, i tried with SubD.
first, I convert my polysurface to a mesh
then, I quadremesh to have a subD,
then, I fill holes
and finally i convert to nurbs,
i’ve got two result with compressed surface or no in subdOption:

during convert it make a surface with several SubD tiles, but sometimes no… why?

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There’s no need to go to a Mesh first. Run QuadRemesh on the PolySrf and you can convert to a SubD directly. Then fill the holes while it is a SubD using Bridge and Fill. Try and avoid triangular faces, quads are key. Then run ToNURBS to convert the SubD into NURBS. It won’t be one single surface but it will combine as many logical sections of quads together into as few surface patches as possible.

Post a model if you need more help.

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thank you, i search the best way to make one surface from a polysurface…
polysurface to surface test.3dm (381.9 KB)

for example this file is a polysurface from a client file, i can work with it, but sometimes i would be better to make only one simple surface in place of this polysurface… but it takes time to make it simplier… so i search the best way to make it!!

I’ve got the mesh2surface plug in, and it’s a good solution, i convert to mesh, and i make 3D line on this mesh with this plug in, and construct a network surface with… it’s a good solution but it reduce the border of the surface…

For that polysrf, I’d change your tolerance in the file to 0.001 of a MM. Then QuadRemesh to a SubD with SubD corners enabled. Then ToNURBS but it won’t be one surface and I don’t think it’s actually simpler or more logical than the current edge layout.

I’d say remodeling this area in NURBS is the way to go here and you could get it down to two surfaces I think.