Converting subd to nurbs

when i convert a subd to a nurbs it breaks up into multiple surfaces. im sure im doing something wrong here are the before and after models
subd before.3dm (160.9 KB)
subd pieces.3dm (335.9 KB)

nope,that is a working correctly. The nurbs conversion fits patches to the subd model, but doesn’t necessarily keep the same topology. The shape will be identical, but the nurbs topo may change from the subd.

to be clear, this is what I’m seeing-

i cant select the entire pieces it is selecting in surfaces only

selects as expected here.
select all the nurbs surfaces and use the join command. does it not join all your surfaces into one poly surface?

heres a quick video

i think i figured it out. i had the subD check box checked which must need to be off when working with polysurfaces. ugh fun moving from clayoo to subD .

yep, looks like you had a polysurface ontop of a subd

you may also want to use packed when you convert to nurbs

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For your next screen video: