Subd tangency handles?

I noticed that when you draw subd friendly curves, there are two extra dots that appear to be a sign of a tangency handle. Is this something that is in the works, that we can change the tangency at those locations?

Hi Gijs -

No, these indicate that the curve is SubD Friendly. There needs to be a very specific relationship between the first and last 3 control points of a curve for it to be SubD Friendly and, therefore, the second control points is locked and cannot be edited.

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You can unlock the tangent CP’s by using the command SubDUnfriend.
The curve will remain SubD Friendly until those tangent points are altered: See Screen shot.
The (subD Friendly +) designation indicates that the tangent CP’s are locked.
The sub friendly curve with unlocked cp’s will produce a surface or lightweight extrusion if using the gumball tool. This curve can still be used to create a subD surf that matches the curve as long as the tangency is not broken using SubD loft or subD sweep…etc. as well. I noticed all this while rebuidlding SubD friendly curves to change span counts.

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Hello - if you move those unlocked tangency points, the curve will no longer be subD friendly - that is, making it friendly again, unless you are very lucky, will change the shape. Note a subD friendly curve has zero curvature at the ends - moving the tangent point will break that.