SubD: rebuild curve subd friendly interface request

Hello All,

Minor observation/suggestion

This post in in regards to the rebuild curve command dialogue box. I use the rebuild curve command +Make SubD Friendly option extensively in my subd workflow. Its a great tool for maintaining clean topology and is also helpful as I transition between nurbs and subd in a hybrid workflow where I’ll utilize these curves later on in my process.

My suggestion for a feature request is to include a subd specific span count to this command menu. I understand that I can simply add or subtract 2 spans from the current menu if I’m goin up or down in span count but I often forget to do this.

For instance in the example from the image below my objective is to rebuild this curve so that the subd object I extrude from it will have 10 spans. The point count has to be increased to 15 to accommodate for the locked edit points which would make for a total span count of 12 technically which yields an extruded subd surface with 10 spans which is exactly what I want.

Thanks to the whole McNeel team for all the work you’ve put into these outstanding tools! they have been great to work with.

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Thanks for the suggestion… filed as