One More SubD Symmetry Request - Use case



I would like to make a sister thread to

I am very excited about subD modeling, but I have to be able to model symmetrically for it to work.

Per Brian Gillespie
"Symmetrical modeling has been on the wishlist for as long as Rhino has existed. The addition of SubD is not going to come with symmetry tools, as any creation of symmetrical modeling also would apply to curves, surfaces, etc.

Our goals for SubD in Rhino 7 is to add support for creation and editing of this new geometry type. Symmetrical creation and editing is not in the scope for V7."

I understand a decision has been made, but I hope you will review this nonetheless. Mcneel seems to be willing to listen to hostile complaints on this forum, so I hope you will consider a courteous one, even if it has already been answered.

For reference
Rhino Symmetry that already exists for lines and edges

How I would love to be able to Set up a Rhino SubD to work.

I am modeling plants for historic buildings. I am using mesh2surface for reverse engineering the existing components, and I am using Subd geometry to ‘quickly’ imagine the pieces that broke.

In order to create an organic shape in a meaningful but quick way, I am deforming a surface, and in order to ‘force’ symmetry I am grabbing SubD surfaces or points, and moving them or scaling them with the gumball tool over my imagined symmetry plane.

are there any other work around options to achiece similar results?

Is there another method that might work faster (mirrored block instances)?

or other strategies that might make a feasible replacement for a dedicated symmetry mode?

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There’s hacky way for now to get something done, it sucks, but it sucks less than not having no live-symmetry option: (11.0 KB)



Thanks for the .gh

I just found this video. Here is another slightly Hacky way to do it.

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I don’t understand. Is that the regular mirror command with history on?


As long as someone’s asking for symmetrical modelling again, I’m going to chime in and say that not only do I agree it should be a feature, but that radial symmetry should also be an option.

Symmetrical modelling is one of the few things I like about Clayoo. It’d be even better if it could be done radially, for any whole number division of an axis.

With SubD in particular, continuous symmetrical modeling is better than mirroring because if you use the alternative, making a SubD object and then mirroring or rotating it and joining it, you don’t get realtime visualization of the alteration of the form that happens after you weld uncreased edges on a subD surface.


This single feature would bring me back to Rhino for hand modeling.