SubD Symmetry DIY in Grasshopper


Just spent my morning coffee time playing with the latest WIP/SubD and managed to roll my own Symmetry setup in Grasshopper.

Getting much closer to a usable tool for me now - I might try and find a project in the next month to tackle in SubD rather than Tsplines.



191011_SubD sym DIY.3dm (206.3 KB) 191011_SubD sym (8.7 KB)

Kind of reminds me of a funny story - Tsplines is what brought me to Rhino - after watching some of Kyle Houchens @theoutside videos one night I went into the office the following morning, downloaded the demo versions of both Rhino and Tsplines and started on some production parts. I actually ended up ordering injection molded tooling for the product before the IT department had even brought the licences.

Would be cool to get a product into production with SubD with it still in WIP