Rhino 7WIP -- Tutorials on SubD Symmetry

I have downloaded V7 WIP which is a bit like Clayoo 2.5, and I am looking for some good tutorials videos that would teach me Symmetry on SUBD. I found a few but nothing on Symmetry. Can you help?

Hi Marcel -
We are constantly working on documentation for the new features in Rhino 7.
Is there something in particular that you are having problems with when using the symmetry feature?

Hi Wim
I have a problem working out how to use the command Symmetry. I know how to use it on Clayoo 2.5, I’ve trying the V7 WIP but I cannot work it out. Is here a video I can look at to learn to use it?

the problem I have when I use Reflect on the WIP, it keeps duplicating the object

symmetry in the wip is not like clayoo or tsplines.

As it sits we have reflect which is for axially symmetrical objects. You can turn it on, or off, and that’s about it. This is a feature that will develop more as subd in rhino matures.