SubD - multi axis reflect


Thanks @dalelear, @theoutside and the rest of the team. This was the one feature that was keeping Tsplines and Rhino 5 alive in my workflow.

radiate has been updated too- check it out!

Actually, this one feature in Tsplines was so killer in my workflow it is WHY I purchased my first license to Rhino and Tsplines. (After seeing one of your videos Kyle)

nice- that’s cool to hear!

Very impressive, Kyle, but will it work for blocks? How about radial symmetry for a set of multi axis reflected objects and vice-versa? And what about nurbs objects?
(I thought I’d try to be the first to bring these up. This week.)

Finally, what’s with the energetic pumping for release 11 when the RC’s for release 10 have just begun? Aren’t you a bit premature? Or am I just not keeping up?

I’m finding this extremely frustrating to use.

Simple object. I get my first symmetry plane that splits the z in half…

I now want the second symmetry along the x or y half but no matter what I do it wont let me do it. It shows a mirror plane that’s where I want it but then it just snaps back to the original symmetry.

Am I missing something here?

This is a subd command only.

I just tested this and you can add radial symmetry to a subd, then block it.

if you edit the blocked subd parts, it updates the symmetry.


How about the Release 11 question? I looked closely at your demo screen and it indeed said Rhino 7.11. Is that anywhere near being released to actual customers or will we need to wait for the RC 10 cycle to complete, which prior experience indicates could be months.

rc 11 is coming in a couple of weeks- These command may actually be available in 7.10