SubD Sweep 1

Can anybody help me with subdsweep1?

Is there an option to just not adjust the rails? I just want to use the cage topology to make this sort of operation, even better would be to do it with a two segment (chained) cross section curve.

The produced surface seems a bit pointless to me.


Also, I think the stitch should be amended to say “set of edges or vertices”. Stitch can be helpful to join up faces that are close but not actually joined. And since at the moment, if two points are close together, you can’t easily select the two different points in separate clicks (no indication of which one was picked first). So, a dragged window around the area is better.

Hello - not sure I follow but if the adjusted rail segments matches the natural rail segments (default) , they will not be changed.


complete_this_srf.3dm (127.6 KB)

Hi Pascal, see attached. I don’t know, just given the inputs (in box mode) it doesn’t really make sense to me, the result that is produced. I guess that is because degreee 1 is not subd friendly, perhaps.

Shift alt and drag used for the stitching of close points.

Hello - yes, I see - I do not know what the expectation is in that case, I’ll add it to the heap and maybe the developer can make it pay attention to the segments.

RH-61779 SubDSweeps :Follow the rails


Thanks Pascal. I would have expected maybe, if running the command in box mode, it would pay attention to that. Some commands do that, if i recall correctly?

I did at one time do a weird workaround where I’d output a surface (since you can make this as a polysurface with degree 1 curves) and then to subd, but the novelty wore off pretty quick. I’d be intrigued to know how others would approach such a region, especially with more than just a 4 edge long rail.

I guess some option for use control polygon, maybe.